We, at Holistic Wellness Centre, use acupuncture, therapeutic massage, cupping, electro therapy and heat therapy to improve the flow of blood in and around the affected area. Thus, nerve function are restored and symptoms related to neck pain start subsiding. Patients respond fantastically and almost immediate relief is felt, since we are treating the root cause of the problem and not just the symptom, thus enabling you to live a pain free life. For all of us, stiffness and pain are a way of life to which we have become habituated and it is not often until we receive acupuncture cupping and therapeutic massage that we realise our muscles are tight or how much of our energy is consumed by stress. If you or someone you know is suffering from neck pain, consult with my company these qualified and registered acupuncturists so that you get the relief you deserve. We can help you lead a pain free life naturally without any side effects. To make appointment, call Doctor Of Chinese Medicine, Dr. Meena Kasim MD(Acu) on 032 944 2761 or 082 786 4127. HOLISTIC WELLNESS CENTRE – 7 Whitehouse Centre, Salon Mane Attraction, Stanger. Branches: Tongaat, Overport and Chatsworth. - Supplied.

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